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CAS Cloud Document Management System

Save all your important documents and records on the cloud in an ultra-secure, dedicated portal. CAS Cloud offers complete flexibility as to the number and type of documents, 24/7 access for authorised personnel only, swift digitisation of new files, and the help of a team of dedicated document management professionals. Fully compliant with GDPR, CAS is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and can present a range of international certificates to demonstrate our commitment to keeping your records safe.

What issue are you trying to solve?

  1. ‘My business has got too many paper files in storage’. With office space being so valuable, storing paper documents on-site in an office can work out very expensive, although the costs are often hidden.
  2. ‘My team keeps losing paper documents’. From time to time everyone puts an important paper down somewhere, whether that’s on their desk or in a drawer, but they can’t necessarily remember where that is.
  3. ‘My board has told us we need to improve business efficiency’. However good your filing system, it can be time-consuming tracking down every document you need on a daily basis.
  4. ‘My organisation operates in several locations, and information is fragmented across them’. For organisations operating from multiple sites, it can be difficult to share documents easily between sites.
  5. ‘I’ve been tasked with preparing a disaster recovery solution, and I don’t know where to start’. All businesses need to plan for the worst, whether that’s fire, flood or theft.

CAS Cloud can help you solve all these problems and more.


What is CAS Cloud?

CAS Cloud is a scanning and archiving system, which offers a simple and fast way to convert your paper archive into searchable electronic documents that are stored on the cloud. We’ve focused the product on scanning and archiving, in response to customer feedback as to their main needs. Cloud document management allows you to share documents with colleagues using a secure, web-based system.

What can we store?

In this day and age we all know that there is more to document storage than just paper. In CAS Cloud you can store almost any file type, for example:

  • Paper documents
  • Emails
  • Microsoft Office documents
  • PDFs
  • Images
  • Videos

What do you get?

For a low monthly rental you can start with a one user document management system, which includes 10GB of storage; enough for approx. 150,000 scanned pages. You can access your documents from anywhere where you have a secure internet connection, so it’s a great solution if you’re travelling or working remotely.

The initial package can be expanded by adding on extra users and/or more storage at any time, which can be particularly helpful if your organisation is based in multiple locations.

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Using advanced scanning technologies you will reduce the time taken to convert your paper into electronic documents, in turn reducing the time it takes you to find, distribute and store them – and lowering the associated costs and risk to your business.


We all feel secure handling and distributing paper-based documents, but just how secure is it? Experience tells us it isn’t very secure at all. In fact, loss, damage, alteration, sharing and even destruction of sensitive documents is all too easy whether accidental or intentional. Our solutions will remove these risks by defining user access security and multi-layered file permissions.


Once your documents have been stored in CAS Cloud, any activity performed on them is recorded. This comprehensive audit trail remains for the life of the document and beyond. This complete record of activity and tight security model mean your compliance concerns become a thing of the past.

How easy is it?

STEP 1: SCAN Simply scan your paper documents, or upload any image or digital document to CAS Cloud.

STEP 2: STORE These files will be automatically imported to CAS Cloud and the text made searchable.

STEP 3: SEARCH Open CAS-Cloud in your web browser and type a word or number that appears in the file and hey presto – there it is! Simple as that!

Whether you continue to store your document archive on-site in your office or off-site at one of our warehouse storage facilities, you can combine CAS Cloud with our other document management services, such as scanning-on-demand and live file storage.

If you are interested in these services, then please call 0845 50 50 003 to speak to one of the CAS team, or complete our ‘Get in Touch’ form on the right side of this page.