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Who is the ISO and what are ‘ISOs’?

ISO stands for the International Standardization Organisation.

The ISO is responsible for setting International Standards to ensure that products and services are safe, reliable and of good quality.

To achieve an ‘ISO’ standard a company needs to prove that their management systems and quality control is fit for purpose, complies with International and national laws and regulations, and is committed to continually improving its processes for its customers.

This level of certification requires a business to pass an initial series of thorough inspections and will also be subject to regular spot checks.

What we have achieved for you

Here at CAS we are very proud of the level of ISO certification we have achieved. It means that all of our clients will know that they are in the safest of hands when it comes to entrusting us with their important records and files.

We have broken down our ISO standards into plain English, so that you can understand what they mean to you as one of our valued clients and how this impacts on the services we provide for you.


ISO 9001, Quality Management

This ISO means that as a company, we do things properly. We consistently strive to understand and assess the requirements of our customers and we build upon our management systems for the services we provide.

A recent example of our commitment to improving management systems is the introduction of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). This is a new electronic system which provides new levels of accuracy and efficiency far beyond standard barcode management. This means 99.9% accuracy of locating your documents and providing you with accurate audit reports.

We have also become a member of the Archives and records association.

Please click on this link if you would like to read more about ISO 9001- Quality Management

Cert No: GB 13752 View Certificate


ISO 14001, Environmental management

As a responsible company, we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment. ISO 14001 shows that we have consistently met management processes that reduce our impact on the environment and contribute to sustainability on both a regional and national level.

One example of our responsible management process is that we recycle 100% of our shredding waste. We also ensure our vehicles are run on low emission gas and we also help and advise our clients on their management systems for reducing their impact on the environment.

Please click on this link to understand more about ISO 14001 – Environmental Management.

Cert No: GB 19143 View Certificate


ISO 15489, Information and documentation – Records management

We are the only document storage company in the Industry to hold this ISO – and we are very proud of it. This ISO demonstrates that we are meeting all the requirements for the Records management Industry and appropriate attention and protection is given to the processing and management of document and file storage.

If you would like to learn more about ISO 15489 please follow click on this link.

Cert No: GB 20024 View Certificate


ISO 27001, Information technology, Security techniques and Information security management

This ISO reassures you that when you entrust us with your sensitive and confidential records, you are making a wise choice. We are compliant with every International regulation on surveillance, security and staff confidentiality.

All of our staff have signed confidentiality agreements, they are CRB checked and our fire proof premises have state of the art of security and surveillance systems.

Click here to find out more about our Security, Confidentiality and Safety.

To find out more about ISO 27001- Information Technology, Security techniques and Information Security Management please follow this link.

Cert No: GB 16424 View Certificate

International Standards are an important part of our commitment to you. It shows you that we are serious and committed to providing you with the best services possible and that we are continuously striving to build upon and improve our management systems.

If you would like to talk to us about any of our ISOs, please call us on 0845 50 50 003.