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Many of our clients are first time document storage users. In order to help all of our new and prospective clients, we have compiled valuable service information as well as general information about document storage. We have put the information under different headings to help you find what you are looking for.

General information about document storage

Commonly asked questions about document storage

Geographical locations

Environmental policies

General information about document storage

How long do I need to store my documents for in my industry area?

It is important to note that all official company records must be kept for at least six years. Depending on the industry area you are in, you may have to keep certain records for a longer period of time.

Our client base is diverse and we serve a very broad spectrum of industries from large multi-national financial institutions, NHS trusts, right down to sole traders. Over the years we have compiled important information on retention periods for different kinds of records for different clients.

Please look up your Industry area in the table below and find out how you long you need to keep your records for. If you cannot find your industry or the retention period for certain records, then give us a call on 0845 300 50 50. We’d be happy to help you find out.

Retention Schedules

Admin  |  Company  |   Employment  |   Health & Safety  |   Insurance  |   Legal  |   Pensions  |   Sales Records  |   Transport

Commonly asked questions about document storage

Why should I store my documents offsite?

There are many reasons, but perhaps the first one we should mention is security. If you store client records, particularly ones with sensitive content like financial or medical data, you must keep them 100% safe and secure. Storage facilities like CAS’s have 24/7 CCTV cameras, gated premises and fireproof warehouses with air controlled temperature. It will be a weight off your mind to know your clients’ records will be safely stored with us.

The FSA (Financial Services Organisation) prefer companies to keep their records offsite, as this will mean enhanced security for sensitive client data. If you have an audit coming up, it’s worth thinking about where and how you are storing your current information.

As well as this, storing client files in your own office space can be difficult to organise and in some cases can pose a health and safety hazard. If you stored your files offsite with CAS, we would be able to pin point all of your files within seconds, as we use state of the art tracking systems and the latest technology. We organise the information for you and can either scan or send you documents (on the all inclusive package) you need on the same day you request them. You would no longer waste time and money hunting for files. You and your staff will also no longer have to worry about lifting or moving or tripping over boxes of files. Many people have injuries at work due to the inefficient organisation and storage of files, costing UK businesses unnecessary thousands of pounds every year.

Removing your files storage offsite will take these headaches away from you.

For the 5 golden reasons to store you documents offsite, please go to our blog to read more.


What happens if I need to retrieve a document in a hurry?

If you need to retrieve a document in a hurry, don’t worry!

We have speedy solutions for you. If you are on the all inclusive package, then you will receive you documents the next or same day. All you need to do is email [email protected] with  the number of the box you would like to retrieve, and we can deliver the files you need the same or next day. (This does not apply if you are on a standard package).

The other speedy option is our secure scanning service. We use a Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) system where we will scan and send you the files you need within a few hours of request. Files are 5p maximum and the more you order the cheaper it gets.


Geographical location

Where are you storage facilities?

CAS Clarks Head Office is based 4 miles from the City of London, supported by modern

storage facilities in London, plus regional storage facilities in Essex,  Suffolk, & the Midlands.

Do you cover all of the UK?
Yes we do.

But our company is miles away from your sites, can I still store my documents with you?Yes you can. No client is too far away as we have clients all over the British Isles. We have clients in every part of the country, and they all receive the same excellent service, including FREE collection and delivery of documents and same day scanning of important documents.


Environmental policies

Are you environmentally friendly?

Yes we are. In fact, this is one of the areas we take pride in the most.

All of our confidential shredded paper is sent off site to be 100% recycled. Not only is this standards compliant for Data Protection, it a responsible environmental management practise. We have achieved an International accreditation for Environmental policies, systems and procedures. To find out more click on this link. (Link to ISO 14001).